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Global Executive Search is equipped to find managers in more than 60 countries in all continents, as listed below in “The Network” pages. It is well known that such Global Reach can be provided only by a restricted number of players in the Executive Search industry. We use the most advanced Research techniques and, if a manager exists, no matter where, we can find him/her.  Furthermore,  in addition to the Researchers of the local Partner/Member, or of the local contact, we also have a pool of International Researchers, with a wide variety of mother tongues, whom we can deploy in addition to the local Research team, thus boosting Research effectiveness and efficiency. It is part of the Mission of Global Executive Search Network that such Global Reach will become more and more perfect as time evolves.

Global Searches

It may happen that a Client wants to consider candidates coming from a variety of countries within the same search. Not only domestic candidates, i.e. candidates coming from the country where the position to be filled is based.  but also candidates from other countries as well. The ideal situation for the Client would be to receive such a service without any extra cost. We can do it!  This means that the Client will have the benefit of a search carried out globally, i.e. worldwide, at the price of just one single search. This service is not delivered by most of the other executive search networks, so it can rightly be considered as a sort of Unique Selling Proposition of Global Executive Search Network!

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Executive Search is the direct search, identification and selection of managerial resources at the highest level, such as CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, Functional Directors, etc ...


Management Audit is a fundamental tool of Global Executive Search, available for the Ownership and C level management, to better understand its key managers (Directors, Executives, Middle managers, Talents, etc.) and to decide to what extent they are suited to the company strategy.


This is another service specifically commissioned by the Ownership/C Level. It consists in searching, according to the briefing received, a company/business unit to be purchased; or, on the contrary, the possible buyers for a company/business unit to be sold. We execute just the search, without any type of due diligence.


It is the direct search, identification and selection of Board Members. This type of search is more frequent when an independent Board Member must be found. Ideally, he/she should be a non-executive director with specific skills in the core business of the company and in its markets.


As mentioned above, some local Partners/Members may deliver complementary services, compatible with the top level profile of the Global Executive Search Network. By far and large, such services can be: Middle Management Search, Psychometric Testing, Organizational Consulting, Coaching and Interim Management.


When a Client has an international need, for Global Executive Search it becomes an International Client and we attribute a personal International Key Account Director to such a Client.

Global Excecutive Search

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